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Located in Bambun, West Of Gingin, Western Australia, we are a family owned and operated turf farm who take pride in growing premium, weed-free roll-on and shredded lawn, providing lawn services and the following varieties of turf:

  • Kikuyu

    Vibrant green, hard-wearing and a great choice for busy households.

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  • Sir Walter Soft-Leaf Buffalo

    The #1 domestic choice in Perth with a luxurious appearance.

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  • Wintergreen Couch

    Like its name, stays green in winter, with hard-wearing properties.

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  • Zoysia

    Slow-growing, drought tolerant, loves hot and humid conditions.

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Where does Gingin Turf deliver? Well… everywhere!

  • Perth Metro
  • Outer Suburbs
  • Country and Regional WA
About Our Turf

Need more lawnspiration?

View examples of our latest roll on turf projects from Perth to regional WA. We supply and install roll on turf from the inner city to country WA.

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We supply & install turf for WA industries

Turf Perth and Western Australia

All about nurture and nature

For your best lawn: To make your Gingin Turf lawn a worthwhile investment which enhances your property, we recommend thorough soil preparation (down to 250mm in hills areas, 200mm elsewhere) so that the turf receives nourishment from a soil-bed which holds the right amount of water.

We also recommend you install and thoroughly test your reticulation system before ordering your lawn. And compacting the turf immediately after installation using a roller or compactor is essential. Try to keep off the lawn in its first weeks of establishment and take your time before cutting it for the first time. A longer leaf allows the roots to grow down further in a shorter amount of time. Using a soil-conditioner or soil-wetting agent each summer is a great way to make the most of the water given to your lawn.

Please make use of our Installation and Aftercare guides.

Holistic lawn solutions proven to last. There are several ways of getting the turf you need:

  1. Discuss your lawn needs with our expert team
  2. Choose a delivery date for your same day cutting of grass
  3. Place your order! THEN:
  • AWe deliver and you install your roll-on lawn. OR…
  • BYou pick up your roll-on turf/shredded lawn and install yourself. OR…
  • CPrior to installation of roll-on grass, your space is personally prepared for higher growth results, then your turf is delivered and installed by our friendly team

THEN: Enjoy your first drink/BBQ/game of backyard cricket in the brand-new green space you’ve been dreaming about…

What your lawn can do for you

  • Cool your building considerably more than gravel, pavers, sand, concrete or artificial turf – all of which will make your house hotter
  • Provide a space for play, entertaining, sport
  • Take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
  • Store carbon in the soil (carbon sequestration)
  • Help your property look fantastic!

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