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Our vision is simple, provide the highest quality turf paired with exceptional service.

At Gingin Turf we supply roll on lawn to Perth and throughout WA. We specialise in Kikuyu, Sir Walter Buffalo, Wintergreen Couch and Zoysia roll on turf. We supply and install roll on lawn for residential customers, commercial, trades, councils, and government organisations.

Our premium roll on lawn varieties

  • Kikuyu roll-on lawn

    Tough when it comes to wear and tear, yet soft to touch, Kikuyu is known for being resilient.

    Exceptionally well-suited to uses which involve kids, backyard cricket and dogs, Kikuyu is the obvious choice for these situations due to its hard-wearing qualities, strong root system and the fact that it is a proven performer. The first choice for countless schools, sports ovals and parks, Kikuyu can also work well as a lawn for many busy homes. With its strong growth rate, Kikuyu can grow to the base of a tree – not a possibility for some other varieties of lawn.

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  • Sir Walter Soft-Leaf Buffalo roll on lawn

    The number one popular choice for homes in Perth! Considered to be non-invasive – a big plus!

    Versatile, majestic, and excellent in full sun or shaded areas, Sir Walter is as popular for its ornamental leaf, as ease of maintenance. Requiring less mowing than Kikuyu or Wintergreen Couch means less mowing and more time to enjoy your beautiful lawn. Not being invasive means less maintenance for other garden areas surrounding your lawn. For aesthetic reasons alone, choosing Sir Walter roll on lawn can make installing a lawn an investment which elevates the appearance of your property.

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  • Wintergreen Couch roll on lawn

    Cost-effective yet stunning when well-nourished and reel-mown, Wintergreen is something of an all-rounder.

    With a super-fine leaf which can give a bowling green appearance enhanced by reel-mowing, Wintergreen has an economical starting point, and its popularity endures due to its hardiness. It is often used for rental properties, golf courses and – yes – bowling greens, as well as some parks, schools, and sports ovals. Well suited to close mowing for a polished appearance. Considered to be the best performer of all Couch grasses in Australia, Wintergreen Couch is the industry standard.

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  • Zoysia roll on lawn

    Thriving in hot temperatures, a well-established Zoysia lawn can cope with heat and humidity that many other grasses wouldn’t!

    Drought-tolerant, a low water user, and exceptionally well-suited to hot and humid conditions, Zoysia has lower mowing requirements than other varieties and has a lush, luxurious appearance when planted in year-round warm climes. Please see our Zoysia page for our advice on how to help Zoysia deal with frost if you install it in the wider metropolitan area of Perth or anywhere subjected to regular frost.

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Where does Gingin Turf deliver? Well… everywhere!

  • Perth Metro
  • Outer Suburbs
  • Country and Regional WA
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View examples of our latest roll on turf projects from Perth to regional WA. We supply and install roll on turf from the inner city to country WA.

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We supply & install roll on lawn for WA industries

Preparations for your roll on lawn

All about nurture and nature

To ensure that your Gingin Turf lawn becomes a valuable addition to your property, we suggest comprehensive soil preparation (down to 250mm in hilly areas, 200mm elsewhere) to provide the turf with the right soil bed that retains the appropriate amount of water.

Additionally, it’s crucial to set up and thoroughly test your irrigation system before ordering your lawn. After installation, compacting the turf with a roller or compactor is a must. During the initial weeks of its establishment, try to avoid walking on the lawn, and delay the first mowing. Allowing the grass to grow longer initially helps the roots grow deeper in less time. Applying a soil conditioner or soil-wetting agent each summer is a great way to maximize the water your lawn receives.

Please make use of our Installation and Aftercare guides.

Roll on lawn proven to last. There are several ways of getting the turf you need:

  1. Discuss your roll on lawn requirements without expert team
  2. Pick a delivery date for our same day grass cutting
  3. Place your order! THEN:
  • AWe will deliver and install your roll on lawn. OR…
  • BYou can pick up your roll on lawn / shredded lawn and install yourself. OR...
  • CBefore installation of roll on lawn, your location can be prepared for higher growth results, then your turf can be delivered and installed by our experienced team

THEN: Organise your first BBQ and game of backyard cricket in the brand-new setting you’ve been dreaming about.

What your lawn can do for you

  • Considerably cool your building when compared to gravel, paver sand or concrete
  • Create a space for entertainment and play
  • Take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
  • Store carbon in the soil (carbon sequestration)
  • increase your properties aesthetics
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