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We supply & install turf for Western Australian sport & recreational

Give us a call! Jarad and Sharee Lovegrove can assist with all sports & recreational project enquiries.

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We have experience installing football ovals (especially centre and goal area replacements), hockey and soccer pitches, racing tracks, golf courses, horse studs, cricket run-ups, baseball dugouts, couch tennis courts.

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For all quotes please call on (08) 6187 0700 or fill out the form below

For both standard and jumbo (maxi) roll-on lawn rolls, as well as shredded (stolonised) grass, we can:

  • Supply turf can be collected from our farm on Duffy Road, Bambun. Please schedule an appointment for pick-up.
  • Supply and deliver turf to your preferred site or transport yard.
  • Supply and installation of turf.
  • Supply and install turf, and then complete the final trim by applying a skim layer of sand.
  • Prepare the area and then proceed to lay and install the turf.
  • Prepare the area, then supply and install turf. Finish off with a final trim, including a thin layer of sand.
  • We offer guidance, products, and services to assist you in preparing your turf site.

For jumbo (maxi) turf rolls, we offer the following services:

  • We can supply, deliver, and assist in the installation of jumbo/maxi turf rolls. If you have a team and need to use our jumbo/maxi turf laying machine, a Gingin Turf team member will stay on-site to assist and return it for you.

For soil, we offer various services:

  • We can provide, move, and dispose of soil according to your needs.
  • Additionally, we can improve your soil using effective organic and environmentally friendly products.
  • Our aim is to help you create a more suitable environment for your turf to flourish, ensuring the success of your project’s turf areas.

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For lawn that loves you back

Located in Bambun, West Of Gingin, Western Australia, we are a family owned and operated turf farm who take pride in growing premium, weed-free roll-on and shredded lawn, providing lawn services and the following varieties of turf:

  • Kikuyu

    Vibrant green, hard-wearing and a great choice for busy households.

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  • Sir Walter Soft-Leaf Buffalo

    The #1 domestic choice in Perth with a luxurious appearance.

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  • Wintergreen Couch

    Like its name, stays green in winter, with hard-wearing properties.

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  • Zoysia

    Slow-growing, drought tolerant, loves hot and humid conditions.

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We supply & install turf for WA industries