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Zoysia Turf. For your perfect lawn

In summary, Zoysia Turf:

  • Requires less frequent mowing/fewer renovation procedures than other varieties
  • Is a great choice for hot, humid conditions
  • Needs a small but strategic amount of necessary care to protect it from frost
  • Does best with regular applications of Eco-Growth’s Eco-Prime Red fertiliser as outlined below
  • Has a striking appearance (architectural leaf)
  • Requires less water than Buffalo, with proper establishment
  • For domestic properties, is best installed as instant turf i.e. roll on lawn

Mowing recommendations

  • In summer mow weekly at a height of 25mm, if required
  • In winter every three weeks at 35mm, if required

Slow growing

Growing slower than Kikuyu, Wintergreen Couch AND Sir Walter Soft-Leaf Buffalo means a Zoysia lawn requires less frequent mowing and fewer mechanical renovation procedures. The most common mechanical renovation procedure a lawn requires is dethatching. We recommend that this takes place in October for the lawn to look its best during the festive season.

The slow growth rate of Zoysia does mean it takes longer to recover from wear and tear than other varieties, but with careful establishment and by limiting traffic on it for the first several months the result is a lawn capable of handling pets and exercise/sports activities.

Striking aesthetic

If you’re after a lawn with striking aesthetic value which enhances the value of your property, Zoysia is a fantastic choice as it has a dark green, medium-width blade with an architectural leaf.

Great for heat and humidity

Zoysia loves heat and humidity and is a good choice in regional areas north of Perth. Considered to be a drought tolerant grass when well established, and to make a good recovery from drought in those circumstances, Zoysia requires less water than a Buffalo lawn. The key to achieving this is by carefully establishing the Zoysia lawn over twelve months using Eco-Growth’s Eco-Prime Red fertiliser which contains plenty of Phosphorus (in the form of non-leaching rock phosphate) to promote strong, deep root growth – and help maintain it. We can supply you with this fertiliser and recommend it initially be applied to the soil before laying your turf at a rate of 10kg/50sqm, then be applied at a rate of 10kg per 100sqm every 6-8 weeks for the first twelve months after laying your Zoysia roll-on lawn, then every twelve weeks after. It is still a good idea to apply a soil-conditioner each summer.

Timing your reticulation

Dealing with frost requires timing your reticulation to come on for a minute or two before sunrise on the mornings when frost is anticipated. It is only a small thing to do but is necessary as Zoysia does not handle or recover from frost well.

Compacting Recommended

We strongly recommend compacting your newly-laid Zoysia lawn using either a roller or compactor.

Zoysia Grass for Perth & Western Australia

A certified backyard hero, statistically speaking.

Excellent Very Good Good Once Established
Water Consumption A deep rooting variety that survives on two applications of water per week in warmer months
Shade Tolerance Does best in full sun
Wear Tolerance An aesthetic lawn that requires attention, does better in full sun
Mowing Minimal mowing
Fertilising A regular
Invasiveness Needs attention to keep out of garden beds
Winter Colour Excellent in temperate/tropical regions. In Perth metropolitan area and areas east and south: Requires at least two foliar applications of fertiliser per winter and special care when frost is expected

To get optimum results, please follow our Installation Guide when putting in a Zoysia lawn,
then refer to our Aftercare Guide. However, here are some important tips:

How to establish your Zoysia Turf

  • Soil

    If you are choosing Zoysia grass, it’s critical not to underestimate the significance of quality soil. Using the right soil is crucial to give your lawn a strong start and avoid issues with nutrients and water.

    We highly recommend incorporating Bentonite Clay into sandy soils in Perth. Bentonite is a natural clay product with no additional chemicals. It provides long-term advantages for efficient water and fertilizer usage, ultimately saving you both time and money. To achieve the best results, ensure Bentonite is mixed into your soil alongside organic materials like humus.

  • Time

    Zoysia lawn has a very long establishment time and can take up to two years to fully establish, and we recommend that you limit activity on it in the cooler times of year for the first few months, and about eight weeks in the warmer months.

  • Traffic

    In the warmer months Zoysia should take less time to be able to withstand traffic than in colder months, however it is still important to monitor wear and tear during this early period.

  • Care

    Lawn should not be mowed until rolls have produced adequate roots. This should happen between 2 and 4 weeks and can be confirmed by checking that the rolls have secured themselves to the soil.

How to maintain your Zoysia Turf

  • Mowing

    In winter and if your lawn is in a shady area, it should be allowed to grow longer to be able to absorb more sunlight. Never remove more than one third of the leaf blade per mow, as this will remove a significant amount of the green food producing body. If required, in SUMMER, mow weekly at a height of 25mm and if required, in WINTER, mow every three weeks at 35mm.

  • Thatch

    The creation of thatch is a common outcome of vigorous lawn growth. This layer impedes the vital delivery of water and nutrients to the root system, where they are essential. To mitigate this, it's recommended to conduct verti-mowing procedures on an annual basis.

  • Fertilising

    For establishing or repairing of ZOYSIA turf, the application should be 10kg per 50m2 of Eco-Growth’s Eco-Prime Red fertiliser which contains plenty of Phosphorus (in the form of non-leaching rock phosphate) lawn fertiliser, raked into the ground before planting with a needle rake for the first application.

    For optimum health of your lawn, it is recommended to fertilise at a maintenance rate of 10kg per 100m2 every 6-8 weeks for 12 months after installation and every 12 weeks thereafter.

    Remember, always water thoroughly to activate the fertiliser and prevent any possible leaf burn.

  • Frost

    For Zoysia to thrive in winter, it’s crucial to schedule your reticulation to come on for one minute at dawn on the mornings when frost is expected. It really makes an enormous difference!


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