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We supply and integrate seamlessly with all trade, wholesale &
commercial businesses, as well as government & education entities.

Give us a call! Jarad and Sharee Lovegrove can assist with all Commercial, Government, Education, Wholesale & Trade project enquiries.

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We can assist with large and small commercial projects involving roll-on turf harvested to commercial specifications, jumbo (or maxi) roll-on lawn, and soil removal, disposal, supply and preparation. We also cater to government, wholesale, and trade clients, whatever size the job is. Let us know how we can supply your business, educational or government entity with our quality turf – whether standard rolls, jumbo/maxi rolls or shredded turf (stolons, stolon grass). We have installed entire sports ovals, school ovals and surrounds, and public open spaces of all sizes – to name just a few of the types of venues where we have laid our turf.

We supply & install turf for WA industries

Quotes & Enquiries

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For both standard and jumbo (maxi) roll-on lawn rolls, as well as shredded (stolonised) grass, we can:

  • Supply turf to be picked up from our farm on Duffy Road, Bambun by appointment.
  • Supply and deliver turf to site or transport yard of your choice.
  • Supply and install turf.
  • Supply and install turf, plus final trim including a skim layer of sand.
  • Box out then supply and install turf.
  • Box out then supply and install turf, plus final trim including a skim layer of sand.
  • Provide advice, products and services helping you to prepare your site.

For jumbo (maxi) turf rolls we can:

  • Supply, deliver and assist in the installation of jumbo/maxi turf rolls if you have a team and require use of our jumbo/maxi turf laying machine, with a Gingin Turf team member staying on site to assist and take it back for you.

For soil we can:

  • Provide, move, and dispose of it to your requirements. We can also amend your soil using effective organic, environmentally friendly products and services to help you provide a more suitable medium for your turf to grow on, helping to make your project’s turf areas a success.

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For lawn that loves you back

Located in Bambun, West Of Gingin, Western Australia, we are a family owned and operated turf farm who take pride in growing premium, weed-free roll-on and shredded lawn, providing lawn services and the following varieties of turf:

  • Kikuyu

    Vibrant green, hard-wearing and a great choice for busy households.

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  • Sir Walter Soft-Leaf Buffalo

    The #1 domestic choice in Perth with a luxurious appearance.

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  • Wintergreen Couch

    Like its name, stays green in winter, with hard-wearing properties.

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  • Zoysia

    Slow-growing, drought tolerant, loves hot and humid conditions.

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