Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Perth & WA

Sir Walter Turf. For your perfect lawn

Extremely popular, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf:

  • Is a soft-leaf Buffalo
  • Is soft to touch and walk on, unlike the older, traditional Buffalo varieties
  • Can tolerate higher salt levels better than other varieties of lawn (and even other breeds of Buffalo!)
  • Is categorised as a creeping variety of lawn due to it only creeping along the surface, making it easy to contain
  • Is considered low allergy compared to other varieties of lawn
  • Has an attractive broad leaf grass with an architectural leaf
  • Gives a luscious, majestic appearance to green spaces
  • With proper care, grows a tight weave that helps choke out weeds (it’s important to only spray using products specifying they are suitable for Buffalo)
  • Has relatively low fertiliser requirements as long as soil is prepared properly
  • Can be verti-mowed between October and January, but must be done in October to be ready for the festive season
  • For domestic properties, is best installed as instant lawn i.e., roll on grass
  • Doesn’t need mowing as frequently as Couch or Kikuyu require. It is recommended that for a Sir Walter Soft-Leaf Buffalo lawn

Mowing recommendations

  • In summer use a 20mm mowing height, and mow weekly if required
  • In winter use a use a 30mm mowing height – mowing higher allows the grass to make more food for itself, important in shaded areas – mow every two to three weeks, if required. TIP: Set your mower higher on high traffic areas.

Sir Walter Grass for Perth & Western Australia

A certified backyard hero, statistically speaking.

Excellent Very Good Good Once Established
Water Consumption We recommend applying soil-wetter in warmer months
Shade Tolerance Requires 6 hours of full sun on average in winter
Wear Tolerance Can tolerate a busy household
Mowing Requires less mowing than Kikuyu or Couch varieties
Fertilising Requires every three months to keep it green all year, especially in cooler months
Invasiveness Easy to keep in check as it creeps along the surface
Winter Colour Winter in particular requires regular fertilising

Please follow our Installation Guide when putting in a Sir Walter Soft-Leaf Buffalo lawn,
then refer to our Aftercare Guide. However, here are some important tips:

How to establish Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

  • Soil

    When starting a new Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn, the correct soil can give your lawn a great beginning and prevent issues with nutrients and water. We highly recommend adding Bentonite Clay to sandy soils in Perth. Bentonite is a natural clay substance without any extra chemicals. It offers lasting advantages for efficient water and fertilizer use, which can save you both time and money. For the best results, be sure to mix Bentonite into your soil along with organic material such as humus.

  • Time

    Sir Walter lawn has a longer establishment time of six months in cooler months. Full sun and a good reticulation system means three months in warmer months.

  • Traffic

    If you minimise traffic on your lawn during the first eight weeks, the lawn can develop a stronger root system, compared to using it straight away.

  • Care

    Lawn should not be mowed until rolls have produced adequate roots. This should happen between 4 and 8 weeks and can be confirmed by checking that the rolls have secured themselves to the soil.

How to maintain your Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

  • Mowing

    Mow weekly if required in SUMMER and use a 20mm mowing height. Mow every two to three weeks, if required in WINTER and use a 30mm mowing height – the higher cut in winter helps the lawn make enough food for itself with reduced sunlight. High-traffic areas will also cope with wear and tear easier if you raise your mowing height.

    In winter and if your lawn is in a shady area, it should be allowed to grow longer to be able to absorb more sunlight. Never remove more than one third of the leaf blade per mow, as this will remove a significant amount of the green food producing body.

  • Thatch

    Every lawn naturally generates thatch as a consequence of robust growth. Thatch serves as a barrier, hindering the essential flow of water and nutrients to the root zone. An annual verti-mowing session is necessary to eliminate this thatch buildup.

  • Fertilising

    For establishing or repairing of turf, the application should be 5kg per 50m2 of Eco-Growth’s Eco-Prime Red fertiliser which contains plenty of Phosphorus (in the form of non-leaching rock phosphate).

    For optimum health of your lawn, it is recommended to fertilise at a maintenance rate of 5kg per 100m2 every 6-8 weeks for 6 months after installation and every 12 weeks thereafter.

    Remember, always water thoroughly to activate the fertiliser and prevent any possible leaf burn.


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